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Learn Adventurously

Tutoring students (K-12) 

in reading and writing without the stress.


Each program is customized to fit every student's academic needs, learning styles, and interests.

All materials are included in the session price.


One student. One tutor.

Best experience and results.



Chapter Chaser, LLC's students achieve their grade and test score goals, all while working with materials that excite and inspire growth.

Hi there, I'm Colleen.

As the founder and primary tutor of Chapter Chaser, LLC, it is my mission to mentor students in all areas of reading and writing. I use traditional and modern teaching methods in order to show today's students how reading and writing can be enjoyable even when under the pressures of schoolwork.

B.A. in English from Rutgers University

Certificates in Creative Writing & Public History

Certificate in HarvardX course, "Leaders of Learning"

Over 5 years of tutoring experience

What Parents Are Saying

"Colleen is really passionate about English! Both my kids have been tutoring with Colleen for well over a year now and neither of them have ever asked to stop. This should be the end of this testimonial. But wait, there's more...

My daughter finished with an 88% average in English in 6th grade,

but is now holding a 99% in 7th grade.


Colleen is also flexible to the kids' needs, as well as the parents'. She is also the most creative tutor I've come across (ask her how she uses Jenga to teach vocabulary). Your kids will get along with her, befriend her, learn from her, and improve because of her."

- T.A., Parent of Reading & Writing and Phonics Students

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