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Student Writing


Catering to each student’s creativity,
confidence, and concern.

Every session, the student’s comfort level of each skill is understood and accounted for. With that said, we encourage students to break out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves with longer/more difficult materials. As educators, it is our job to gently push those limits and help our students reach beyond their academic and personal goals.


The sessions provided are customized for each student based on grade/skill level, interests, and learning styles. Also, program types can be paired; for example, a student may have Reading & Writing one day of the week and then Phonics on a different day.

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Made for all ages, this program is built to help those who are having difficulty in reading, both aloud and silently.

Reading & Writing

A customized program for students who want to build important comprehension and critical thinking skills, as well as improve their grammar and vocabulary.

Homework Help

While being assisted with homework, students learn how to organize/schedule projects, study for tests, and effectively comprehend their schoolwork.

Test Prep

Students learn about and thoroughly practice each type of question found throughout PSAT/SAT, as well as study important vocabulary word roots.

Essay Writing

This program helps students organize, stylize, and edit essays for private school admissions, college admissions, scholarships, school projects, and more.

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