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Today, reading and writing have expanded beyond the pages of books. Chapter Chaser, LLC does not shy away from the world's evolving technology; instead, we embrace it. Although most of our tutoring is done with traditional books, we use podcasts, films, and games (all accompanied with written scripts) to also strengthen our students' comprehension and critical thinking abilities. For every student, a curriculum is created to match the student's grade level and personal interests, therefore creating a learning experience that is enjoyable, constructive, and authentic to real life skills.


The ways in which information is gathered and shared are always growing. Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to comprehend, analyze, and enjoy knowledge presented in all formats.

Reading & Writing sessions are at least 1 hour each

Chapter Chaser, LLC follows the NJ Common Core Standards

Captain's Wheel

Contemporary Fiction


Classic Literature

Short Film/Documentary


Graphic Novel

Research Project

Nonfiction Text

In the beginning, students choose which type of traditional book to start with (Fiction Literature, Classic Literature, Nonfiction Text, or Graphic Novel), as well as which genre to adventure in. This decision not only allows the student to take charge of their learning experience, but it also lets him/her jump into a material that immediately excites them.

The Captain's Wheel represents the student's course of learning -- for students are the captains of their own education. Each wheel spoke represents the type of material used at a given time, all of which are either traditional texts or have written transcripts accompanying them. Once the student completes their first book, they move clockwise to the next material.


Materials that are non-traditional texts only last 1-2 sessions in contrast to the traditional literature sections, which last the greater majority of the program.

Within every section, students answer comprehension/critical thinking questions that challenge them to search through and between the lines. Writing prompts are also administered, challenging students to voice their knowledge and opinions collectively.

Grammar & Vocab

Grammar and Vocabulary are tutored for a half hour interchangeably each session.


Students work with the tutor through skill-building workbooks and games that enhance grammar skills and teach English word roots, making the

discovery of new vocabulary a breeze.

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