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Speech & Spelling


The Phonics program is built to help those who are having difficulty in reading, both aloud and silently. Made for all ages, this program digs deep into the relationship between written words and sound. This program not only helps students become better readers, but also improves their spelling and increases their confidence.


Students are guided through workbooks, games, and projects that are designed for their grade/skill level. Every session, students also read aloud a chapter of a chosen book.

Phonics sessions are at least 1 hour each

Chapter Chaser, LLC follows the NJ Common Core Standards

The Process



50% off

First Session


Fully Customized Program

Schedule a FREE virtual or in-person consultation to learn more about our tutoring services and availability

Includes a reading/writing diagnostic test as well as light reading material and educational games to showcase Chapter Chaser, LLC's relaxed tutoring style

With Chapter Chaser, LLC's uniquely tailored tutoring, students learn how to overcome present and future challenges while in a comfortable, encouraging environment


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