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Essay Writing

Organization, Style, Grammar, and Editing


There will always be the need to produce insightful and polished works of writing. Chapter Chaser, LLC understands the stress and confusion essays can cause, so we make sure to guide students through projects in a way that makes sense and sticks to memory.

When it comes to admission and scholarship essays, it is crucial that students are able to tell their stories and goals in a cohesive, attention-grabbing style. It is often the personal essays that are the deciding factor for school acceptance. If it comes down between two candidates, the most likely winner will be the one who is able to eloquently portray their growth, aspirations, and contributions.


Chapter Chaser, LLC has helped many students write such winning essays. With energetic instruction of paper organization, personal writing style, grammar usage, and editing skills, we help students find newfound confidence in writing.

Essay Writing sessions are at least 1 hour each

Chapter Chaser, LLC follows the NJ Common Core Standards

The Process



50% off

First Session


Fully Customized Program

Schedule a FREE virtual or in-person consultation to learn more about our tutoring services and availability

No time is wasted during the first session; students either bring in a previous/current writing project to work on or are given a prompt to test their essay writing and grammar skills

With Chapter Chaser, LLC's uniquely tailored tutoring, students learn how to overcome present and future challenges while in a comfortable, encouraging environment


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